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Title: Pure Morning
Author: Noizchild
Rating: R (Surreal lemons galore!)
Pairing: Tsuzuki + OC
Genre: Hentai, Shoujo, Romance
Chapters: Fifty-two (Fifty chapters plus a prolouge and an epilouge)
Comments: Seventeenth book in the "Ghost Doll" series. Marriage is a burning thing. Tsuzuki and Anna try to fix themselves and each other through love and passionate desire. However like all marriages, they too have their up and down days. While husband and wife indulge in each other through the summer days and nights, the Mother tries to adjust to a third round of married life. Initially, she wants to devour Tsuzuki, but his love and tenderness throws her off kilter. Will she end up swallowing her pride and start loving her new "husband"?
Actual Fic: Pure Morning

Another edited classic

Title: Velvet Divorce
Author: Noizchild
Rating: R (Lemon, blood, gore, and violence)
Pairing Tsuzuki + OC, OC + OC (Two of these)
Genre: Hentai, Drama, Horror, Romance, Supernatural
Chapter: Twenty-five chapters
Sixth one of my series, "Ghost Doll." Teenage boys are dying in a private school in Nagasaki. Ju-Oh-Cho suspects a demon is behind the murders. Tsuzuki and Hisoka go undercover to find the cause. Meanwhile, Anna goes to try and unlock her power so she can defend herself. All the while, Kyoko tries to keep Kato's death a secret, but how long will that last? Some het lemons and gore to behold. Still, Tsuzuki + OC as well.

I don't own YnM. That belongs to Yoko Matsushita.

This is a bit different than most Yami no Matsuei fics. I'm still trying to prefect the story myself. Yes, there are some spoilers in the story.

The next story will have more Anzuki lemons in it. (I think Tsuzuki has some blue balls in the series. *Wink*)

Actual Fic: http://www.mediaminer.org/fanfic/view_st.php/168152/

Also on FF.net here: Back to school
Title: Wonderland
Author: Noizchild
Rating: R (Yuri lemon, attempted rape, and a little violence)
Pairing: Fem!Tsuzuki + OC
Genre: Drama, Supernatural, Hentai, Romance, Adventure
Chapters: Twenty-five
Comments: Sixteenth book in "Ghost Doll." At Vivian's house warming party thrown by Hotaru, Anna notices a little purple rabbit in the doorway to the hall. Curious, she gets up and follows it a strange room where a book is writing itself. When she accidentally touches the text, she is sucked into a world of lustful vices in the fashion of Alice in Wonderland. There are mostly women in this story world and they all seem to want to sleep with her. The only way Anna can get home is through a woman called "Bunny-tan." However, she isn't the only one seeking her. The "hunters", men who are invading this woman-only world, want to seek the "Bunny" as well. (Everyone's pretty much turned into a girl in the second story.)
Actual Fic: Wonderland
I'm really slacking here. My bad!

Title: Venus Butterfly
Author: Noizchild
Rating: R (Sex and a little violence)
Pairing: Tsuzuki + OC, OC  + OC
Genre: Drama, Hentai, Horror, Romance, Supernatural
Chapters: Fifty
Comments: Fifteenth book in "Ghost Doll." One confession in San Diego, California from Anna's aunt, Allison, was all it took to trigger the Mother Kitsune to take over Anna's body to merge with her soul as the curse demanded. Now, Tsuzuki has to deal with a bitter, vengeful, oversexed kitsune controlling his wife's body while he finds a way to get Anna back. Meanwhile, new residents come into Meifu and shake things up. Also, Hotaru might get her wish of a new lover after all.
Actual Fic: Venus Butterfly
Also on FF.net here: Go forth!

Title: Summer Rains
Author: Noizchild
Rating: R (Surreal lemons galore. "R" is what most of the series is.)
Pairing Tsuzuki + OC (Plus a of one-sided Tsuzuki + Hisoka, but only for one moment)
Genre: Hentai, Romance
Chapter: Thirty-two chapters
Comments: Third one of my series, "Ghost Doll." Can love save two damaged souls? Anna and Tsuzuki are going to find out. Story flooded with tons with Anzuki moments. (AKA: Tsuzuki +OC) That's means a few lemon chapters later on and a tiny one-sided Tsusoka moment. (Blink and you miss it.)

This is a bit different than most Yami no Matsuei fics. I'm still trying to prefect the story myself. Yes, there are some spoilers in the story.
Actual Fic: Summer Rains

Also on FF.net here: Feel the love again!

Title: Halo
Author: Noizchild
Rating: R (Surreal lemons, blood, gore, rape, violence, and Yuri BDSM. "R" is what most of the series is.)
Pairing Tsuzuki + OC, OC + OC
Genre: Supernatural, Romance, Horror, Hentai, Drama
Chapter: Thirty chapters
Comments: Fourth one of my series, "Ghost Doll." Anna's past nightmares come back to haunt her out of the blue for a series of nights. Meanwhile, Tsuzuki begins to fall depressed as his past haunts him again. It seems that Tsuzuki's depression and Anna's nightmares seem linked together somehow. Meanwhile, Anna's friends are still looking for her. But, they are not the only ones. The man in Anna's nightmares and her uncles are after her for different reasons as well. Tsuzuki + OC. Yuri and het lemons with some grusome violence and dark stuff to behold.

This is a bit different than most Yami no Matsuei fics. I'm still trying to prefect the story myself. Yes, there are some spoilers in the story.
Actual Fic: Halo

Also on FF.net here: Oh the Drama!

Title: Corrupt Fruit
Author: Noizchild
Rating: R (Lemons, blood, gore, rape, violence, and Yuri BDSM. "R" is what most of the series is.)
Pairing Tsuzuki + OC, OC + OC (Two of these)
Genre: Horror, Romance, Supernatural, Drama, Hentai
Chapter: Fourty-five chapters
Comments: Fifth one of my series, "Ghost Doll." Nakata Rieko wasn't exactly an angel of a student. She was highly unstable, drank, did drugs, highly suicidal, and very promiscuious. So, it shouldn't be a surprise that she would be found dead and three weeks pregnant in her dorm bathtub, right? Not with the Eda-Kimoto burns on her wrists. Dr. Yamashita, Anna's former psycharitist, is being blamed for her death. So, he turns to Anna and the Shinigami for help. Meanwhile in Tokyo, Emiko and the demons seem to be falling back into their old ways afte being out of hell so long. Still, Tsuzuki + OC. Yuri S&M and maybe some het lemons. Plus violence as well.

I don't own YnM. That belongs to Yoko Matsushita.

This is a bit different than most Yami no Matsuei fics. I'm still trying to prefect the story myself. Yes, there are some spoilers in the story.

Actual Fic: Corrupt Fruit

Also on FF.net here: Go forth!

Another edited classic

Title: Black Pawn
Author: Noizchild
Rating: R (Violence and some BDSM-type yuri. "R" is what most of the series is.)
Pairing OC+OC (For this one. Tsuzuki + OC in later fics.)
Genre: Horror, Drama, Supernatural, Romance, Mystery
Chapter (if applicable): Thirty chapters
Comments: Second one of my series, "Ghost Doll." Anna gets the motivation for revenge against Haruka after she gets an e-mail telling her to look up a document about her dead aunts. She turns to Tsuzuki and the Shinigami to help her. Meanwhile, Emiko and Hotaru plot to get Tsuzuki and Anna together as a couple. This one is laced with shoujo-ai, histories of the Eda-Kimoto, characters, and relationships, and new characters.

This is a bit different than most Yami no Matsuei fics. I'm still trying to prefect the story myself. There is a little bit of a spoiler in the story when Tsuzuki talks to Becky.
Actual Fic: Black Pawn

Also on FF.net here: Go forth!
Now much better than better.
Fandoms: Yami no Matsuei, Kuroshitsuji
Title: Demonic Temptation
Pairing: Sebastian Michaelis x Kazutaka Muraki, also features one-sided MurakixTsuzuki
Rating: R (violence, mild sexual themes, Muraki's beautifully twisted mind)
Timeline: None (very briefly alludes to a pre-canon incident involving Hisoka)
Words:  1158
Summary: Muraki does not mind when a mysterious demon hurts Tsuzuki.  But killing Tsuzuki is something he will not allow anyone else to do.
AN: Fic request for cheshirejin

While he usually enjoyed watching Tsuzuki suffer, preferably by his own hand, there was a limit to how long he was willing to share his playthings.

"Gay-dar" (PG-13)

Title: "Gay-dar"
Author: matrixrefugee
Rating: PG-13
Pairing/Characters: Kazutaka Muraki, OCs
Genre: Slice of life, drama
Chapter: One-shot
Comments: A busy night in Muraki's clinic, and then a rude youngster gets brought in. Contains mild homophobia from a jerk-ass teenager
Actual Fic ( "Sato, could you bring the young man a sedative? He could use a nap to help the healing process," Muraki asked. )
Title: Masochist
Author: Noizchild
Rating: NC-17 (Sex, violence, and drugs)
Pairing: Hisoka + OC
Genre: Psychological, Hentai, Horror, Drama, Angst
Chapters: Thirty
Comments: Fourteenth book in "Ghost Doll." Hisoka isn't in a good place at the moment. As a result, he turns up missing a few days later. As the other Shinigami try to figure out the truth of his whereabouts, they all find some rather unsettling clues around his house. Traces of a strange powder on the counter, the apartment looks rather trashed, plus there are traces of blood all over the floor and walls. Yet, Hisoka hasn't been alone for the past few days that he hasn't shown up for work. Where is Hisoka now and can they reach him in time before tragedy strikes? And how is Jessie involved in all of this?
Actual Fic: Masochist
Also on FF.net here: Go forth!

Title: Cherry
Author: Noizchild
Rating: R (Yuri, violence, and some sexual content. "R" is what most of the series is.)
Pairing: OC + OC (For this one. Tsuzuki + OC in later fics.)
Genre: Occult, Mystery, Horror, Romance, Supernatural
Chapters: Prologue and twenty-six chapters
Comments: On Halloween 1999, Tsuzuki and Hisoka investigated a case involving the murder of a descendant from Eda-Kimoto clan. Tsuzuki met the murder victim's daughter on that same night and comforted her from the shock of her sudden loss. Now in 2009, the case is reopened by the daughter's murder. However, she might be tied to a greater scene for the clan. First book in Ghost Doll series.

This is a bit different than most Yami no Matsuei fics.
Actual Fic: Cherry

Also on FF.net here: Take two!

Fanfic-Non Riescono A Ricordare

Those Who Live in Darkness: Chapters 1-5

Title: Those Who Live in Darkness (Chapters 1-5)
Author: luna_glass_wall (LJ), SweetHoneySempai (fanfiction.net)
Rating: M/R for violence, sexuality, and sensitive material
Pairing: TsuSoka, past TaTsu, past TsuOFC, WaTsu as a friends-with-benefits relationship for awhile; Yuma/Saya; Terazuma/Wakaba; Muraki/Ukyo; past Seiryuu/Oryu; possibly Rika/Eileen; most likely several others as the story progresses
Genre: Drama, Romance (with plenty H/C), Action, Supernatural
Chapter: Chapters 1-5 are linked to
Summary: This is an overhaul and reimagining of the entire series, starting from Hisoka's death and lasting past the Gensoukai/Kamakura arc. The story thus far:
--Prologue: There's something strange about the soul(s) of the latest person brought in for Judgment.
--Chapter 1: Tsuzuki's new partner comes with a lot of baggage.
--Chapter 2: Tsuzuki meets Muraki. So does Hisoka, in a particularly violent fashion.
--Chapter 3: Tsuzuki rushes to save Hisoka, walking directly into Muraki's trap.
--Chapter 4: Hisoka finally knows the truth, and now he has a decision to make.
Trigger Warnings: Physical and sexual violence, HIV/AIDS (and depiction of bigotry regarding thereof), mental illness
Comments: As a reimagining there are lots of content differences from the established canon. Arcs are going to be replotted, moved around, and in some cases mashed together. Hisoka's characterization has been somewhat altered. Seiryuu and Riko are both being depicted as women, and many female characters will receive expanded roles, since Yami no Matsuei needs some more ladies up in here. I can't speak much about it without spoiling the story, but both HIV/AIDS and (much later) mental illness in certain characters will be explored.
Actual Fic: Chapters 1-5 can be found here

Fanfic- Silver Lining

Title: Silver Lining
Author: EggDropSoup
Rating: T
Pairing: TsuzukiXHisoka
Genre: Romance/Hurt and Comfort
Chapter Oneshot, Complete
Comments: Tsuzuki POV. Tsuzuki ditches Hisoka after a hard case for a night out on the town. He should have known that Hisoka would eventually catch up to him.

( Knowing someone loves me and accepts me is wonderful, but it doesn't stop the dark thoughts or the temptation from stirring in my head.

It's a matter of time before I slip again-might take years, a decade-but I'll eventually return back to it. And when it does happen- I don't know if love will be enough to save me.

I hope you all had an egg-traordinary Easter and have a Happy April Fool’s Day! ;) Be nice to each other nooow! lol
Title: Lotus Girl

Author Noizchild

Rating: R (Lemons and violence)

Pairing: Tsuzuki + OC

Genre: Hentai, Supernatural, Romance
Chapter if applicable): 25 chapters.


Thirteenth book in "Ghost Doll." Things seemed to have cooled down around Meifu while things have gotten steamier for Tsuzuki and Anna during the springs nights. But yet, Anna finds herself unable to sleep afterwards and notices a strange tree outside of their bedroom window. It seems to be calling out to her, however she is not sure why. Meanwhile, Tsuzuki's wounds seem to be taking longer to heal and he always looks tired. The other Shinigami fear the worst ever since the Mother Kitsune has gotten free. Yet, how exactly can they be so sure about that? Surreal lemons to behold.

Actual Fic: http://www.mediaminer.org/fanfic/view_st.php/171350

Also on FF.net here http://www.fanfiction.net/s/8997415/1/Lotus-Girl

Panfandom Fic Challenge

On Dreamwidth there's a panfandom challenge that aims to produce fics longer than 1,000 words, based on a Mills & Boon/Harlequin novel summary.

All fandoms and pairings are allowed and the fest runs from March 15th to April 14th 2013.
Many fills will be humorous, but serious and angsty fills are also encouraged.

The comm is: http://unconventionalcourtship.dreamwidth.org/
Title: From "Pearly"
Author Noizchild
Rating: NC-17 (Lemons and violence)
Pairing suzuki + OC, OC + OC
Genre: Hentai, horror, mystery, supernatural, thriller
Chapter if applicable): 50 chapters.
Twelfth book in "Ghost Doll." Everyone now knows that Tsuzuki and Anna are now married. So, what comes now? Tatsumi calls up one of his shrink friends from America to "help" the newlyweds out. Her first order of business? No sex for a month. On top of that, the latest case takes place in the Red Light District in Tokyo. Now, Tsuzuki has to battle temptation to try and stay focused for to catch the culprit. This one will be gritty than the previous books.
Actual Fic http://www.mediaminer.org/fanfic/view_st.php/170928

Also on FF.net here http://www.fanfiction.net/s/8529225/1/Pearly

Crossover fics/ AU-fics

Since I had time, I figured I might as well post these here.

Author: Eria

The Inevitable Conclusion
Rating: T
Pairing: Implied Tsuzuki/Hisoka
Hisoka wanders into Yuuko's shop.
Crossover series: XXXholic
Genre: General

Chaptered Stories

Shadows of Our Past: Part One (ShoOP for short)
Rating: T
Pairing: None
Comments: Two tired souls have had enough of the violence and tragedy of their job. The application to heaven was denied by Enma for Tsuzuki, so they chose to be reincarnated together. However, Enma had the final say...
AU FIC Co-Written with EggDropSoup
Status: Complete, though a second part's coming up soon...
Genre: Introspection, Suspense, Action

Soul Reaper
Rating: T
Pairing: eventual Tsuzuki/Hisoka; Terazuma/Wakaba
Tsuzuki can't seem to keep a Meister. They always quit. However, this is
the final year he can pair up before he's locked away forever...
AU FIC Crossover series Soul Eater
Status: Work in Progress
Genre: Romance, Action, Drama, whiff of lemon

These are strictly YnM-character-centric AU/Crossover fics! In addition, I have YnM crossover fics here and then here with Ouran High School Host Club where Kyouya Ohtori is the main character.
Title: Untitled Muraki/Tsuzuki Vignette #1
Author: matrixrefugee
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Muraki/Tsuzuki
Genre: Angst/romance
Chapter): N/A
Comments: Possible AU fic. Anyone wanna suggest a title for this one?
Actual Fic: ( Usually Tsuzuki was the one sitting up, brooding, after their fierce couplings... )</a>
Title: From "Orange Blossom"
Author Noizchild
Rating: R (Lemons and violence)
Pairing suzuki + OC, OC + OC
Genre: Drama, romance, hentai
Chapter if applicable): 50 chapters.
Eleventh book of "Ghost Doll." After the virus massacre, everyone is trying to pick up the pieces and recover to normal. Who is Hisoka's new "friend?" Shichiro's soul goes on trial. Anna's kistune is trying to free itself now. Plus, some people arrive in the mix. Lemons, some surreal and some not, will occur. Still, Tsuzuki + OC.

Actual Fic http://www.mediaminer.org/fanfic/view_st.php/170087

Also on FF.net here http://www.fanfiction.net/s/8068479/1/Orange-Blossom

"Only Half Evil" (PG-13)

Title: "Only Half Evil"
Author: matrixrefugee
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Muraki/Oriya
Genre: Angst, reflection
Chapter: One-shot
Comments: Set at an indeterminate time, possibly before the Kyoto arc
Actual Fic: ( Somewhere in that blast furnace of pain and tragedy, another aspect had been forged... )

"What He Wants..." (PG-13)

Title: "What He Wants..."
Author: matrixrefugee
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Muraki/Oriya
Genre: drama, angst
Chapter: One-shot
Comments: Set just before the Kyoto Arc
Actual Fic: ( Oriya sighed, tiredly. "I may cut off your access to this place, if you keep on wearing out your welcome here." )

"Calling Card" (PG-13)

Title: "Calling Card"
Author: matrixrefugee
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: implied Hisoka/Tsuzuki and implied Muraki/Tsuzuki
Genre: angst, drama
Chapter: one-shot
Comments: Set between the last two episodes of the anime
Actual Fic: ( A taunt, a clear and definite taunt. )

"Non-Balanced Diet" (PG-13)

Title: "Non-Balanced Diet"
Author: matrixrefugee
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Tsuzuki/Hisoka
Genre: Humor, friendship, mild romance
Chapter: One-shot
Comments: Some sweet Tsu/His hilarity, involving their very contrasting -- and conflicting -- diets.
Actual Fic: ( "But I'm dead already: does it matter what I eat?" Tsuzuki replied. )

"Poisonous Beauty" (PG-13)

Title: "Poisonous Beauty"
Author: matrixrefugee
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Mild Oriya/Muraki and Muraki/Tsuzuki.
Genre: Romance, angst, supernatural
Chapter: One-shot
Comments: Set in between the last two episodes of the anime, after Muraki abducts Tsuzuki.
Actual Fic: ( "You weren't kidding when you said you were returning with company," Oriya noted, crossing his arms on his chest. )

"Phone Code" (PG-13)

Title: "Phone Code"
Author: matrixrefugee
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Muraki/Tsuzuki
Genre: Humor/romance
Chapter: One-shot
Comments: Written for "fic_promptly"'s "any, any, emoticons." Crack ahead, as well as Muraki weirding out Tsuzuki.
Actual Fic: ( Contains text speek and craziness )

"You think you're mad, too unstable" (PG)

Title: "You think you're mad, too unstable"
Author: matrixrefugee
Rating: PG
Pairing: Mild OMC/college-aged!Muraki
Genre: angst, drama
Chapter: Part One of a two-parter
Comments: Written for "fic_promptly"'s "any, any, "I'm going crazy, aren't I?"". Set pre-series, and featuring a young Muraki who has no real clue about what he is...
Actual Fic: ( "I think I'll take my chances with embracing what I am," Muraki said. )

"Unfair Exchange" (PG-13)

Title: "Unfair Exchange"
Author: matrixrefugeeRating</b>: PG-13
Pairing: Earl/Tsuzuki, mild Tatsumi/Tsuzuki
Genre: Angst, drama
Chapter: One-shot
Comments: Written for dark_fest's "Yami no Matsuei, Hakushaku/Tsuzuki, Hakushaku has something on Tatsumi, and in exchange for keeping the secret, Tatsumi has to pimp Tsuzuki out to him for one night. Sexytiems can ensue or not." WARNING/CONTENT: dub-con, blackmail, supernatural menace, supernatural bondage, discussions of medical torture
Actual Fic ( Darkness ahead, be warned )

Fanfic- Weapons of Mass Attraction

Title: Weapons of Mass Attraction
Author: EggDropSop
Rating: T
Pairing: TsuzukiXHisoka
Genre: Romance/Humor
Chapter 1/?
Comments: If you want something bad enough, you gotta pull out all the stops. After all, it's all about how you play this game called love and no matter what you do, don't let yourself be the one to fall first.

( Tsuzuki halted beside him and bent forward to rest his hands on his knees. Really, just how was it that Hisoka moved so quickly with such short legs? "Relax, Hisoka. We're only a little late."

"You call two hours a little late?"

Tsuzuki at least had the decency to look ashamed as he straightened, turned his head, and nervously fiddled with his shirt collar. "Well, I'm sure he'll understand…"

"Sure," the blond murmured before letting out an indignant snort. "Tatsumi-san is the epitome of understanding. He'll understand alright. Understand that we know the company policy about being late and we'll have to pay the consequences." He gave a frustrated kick with one of his sneakers to the concrete floor. "Literally."

"Yeah, he gets tight-assed when he's mad," Tsuzuki admitted, running a hand through his hair and letting out a long sigh. "Just let me talk to him. I can change his mind."

"You don't get it. You crying this time won't work," Hisoka said, referring to his partner's tendency to go teary-eyed and inconsolable at a drop of a hat. "You know how he is about money."

"See? That's where you're wrong," The brunet objected and wagged a finger. "When I really want Tatsumi to bend on something, I don't cry."

Fic - Handprints (Hisoka/Tsuzuki)

Title: Handprints
Author: notraffic
Rating: PG
Pairing Hisoka/Tsuzuki
Genre: Angst
Comments: Takes place directly after the Kyoto Arc in the anime.
Summary: Hisoka has never had his hand held before now.

( Fic: Handprints )

Title: Empty (The Mirror Neuron Remix)
Recipient: [personal profile] ranalore for Remix Redux 10: X Marks the Spot
Length: 1600 words
Rating: Mature
Content notes: Violence, sexual assault, child abuse, miscarriage
Spoilers: This probably won't make much sense if you haven't read the GenSouKai arc in Volumes 10-11.

Summary: Babies have to learn to distinguish inside from outside, and it takes Hisoka longer than most.

At AO3 | DW | LJ

Fanfiction- A Staircase in the Darkness

Hello everyone! ♥ This is my first time posting here, but I wanted to share a fic I'm working on. It's my first time writing a multi-chaptered work, and I'm anxious to hear any comments about how it's going. I'll be updating it weekly, if all goes as planned! I hope you'll enjoy.

Title: A Staircase in the Darkness
Author: Meishu
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Tsuzuki/Hisoka
Chapters: Prologue-Chapter 5
Comments: This fic follows Tsuzuki and Hisoka on a certain case that initiates a change in their relationship (and it isn't what it would seem to be from a look at said case's paperwork!). Warnings for spoilers up to volume 9, some violent imagery, gratuitous references to literature and classical music, and well, boy's love, but I think you'd know that from the pairing.
Fic: ( The door shut with a heavy thud, followed by that characteristic click. Tatsumi’s eyes lingered on it for only a brief moment before they slid down to eye the manila folder that had just been deposited on his desk. It looked innocent enough, for all of the nervousness and awkward reluctance Hisoka had left it there with. )

Fic - Salt and Flora

Title: Salt and Flora
Author: notraffic
Rating: G
Pairing Hisoka/Tsubaki
Genre: Angst
Comments: Spoilers for the King of Swords arc in the anime.
Summary: Drabble about Tsubaki and Hisoka. It's the fragrance of salt that Hisoka will forever associate with love.

( Fic: Salt and Flora )
Title: "Yami no Meta: The Marisuu"

Author: matrixrefugee

Rating: PG-13

Pairing: mild Muraki/OFC

Genre: Crack, pure unadulterated crack

Chapter: Possibly the first chapter in a sometimes series in which bad fanfic tropes will be played with.

Comments: This is crackfic: it is cracky! It is also somewhat of a playful dig at Mary Sues, ie. those blatantly obvious wish-fulfillment characters which pop up in fanfic from time to time, with some bonus playful inclusion of some bad fanfic writing devices (things like bad punctuation, Wall Of Text and author's notes smack in the middle of the fic.

Actual Fic: ( "So what are you going to do?" she demanded. Maybe he was going to experiment on her: she had violet eyes like Tsuzuki's after all. )
Title: From "Id"
Rating: R (Violence and a few of lemons)
Pairing Tsuzuki + OC, OC + OC
GenreDrama, Horror, Psychological, Supernatural, Hentai
Chapter (if applicable): 50 chapters.
Tenth one in my series, "Ghost Doll." A new virus has escaped in Japan causing people to be controlled by their id in the new year. The Shinigami work to stop the bloodshed. But things take a sharp, complicated turn when Shichiro, Haruka, and Amaya return in the picture to hunt for the mother kitsune. Meanwhile, Emiko, Hotaru, Mike, and Kauze resume their mission to overthrow Hell.

Actual Fichttp://www.mediaminer.org/fanfic/view_st.php/169480/

Also on FF.net herehttp://www.fanfiction.net/s/7750193/1/Id

Title: The sweetness of imperfect cake
Author: deadcellredux
Rating: PG-13? For kissing and sensuality.
Pairing: Tsuzuki/Hisoka
Genre: Romance, empath kink!?
Comments: Written for fanfic_bakeoff - the prompt was "delicate". 300 words.

The sweetness of imperfect cake
TitleQueen to Pawn
Rating: PG-13 (Violence, a little ecchi more, and little bit of swearing)
Characters: Tsuzuki, Muraki, and two OCs characters
Genre:  Drama, Horror, Psychological, Romance
Chapter: One-shot
Omake for Ghost Doll. When Anna gets a letter from Muraki to Tsuzuki, asking him to meet up at midnight, Anna decides to take matters into her own hands.

This is a bit different than most Yami no Matsuei fics. I'm still trying to prefect the story myself. Goes between "Rapture Like Blood" and "Bittersweet."

Actual Fichttp://www.mediaminer.org/fanfic/view_st.php/169690/

Fic: Smells Like Spring (Tatsumi/Hisoka)

Title: Smells Like Spring
Author: deadcellredux
Rating: G
Pairing: Tatsumi/Hisoka, sort of.
Genre: General
Words: 290
Summary: Hisoka longs, sometimes, for Tatsumi's quiet.

Click! (Smells Like Spring)

FIC - Muraki/Tsuzuki

Title: Symphoricarpos
Author: notraffic
Rating: PG (Nothing explicit, but Muraki thinking about Tsuzuki's unconscious body and being a creeper. Semi-AU--see fic notes.)
Pairing Muraki/Tsuzuki
Chapter One-shot
Summary: Written for Advent Challenge, Winter 2011. Based on prompt: Muraki reminiscing on a holiday spent in the hospital with Tsuzuki's comatose body (would have to be AU).

( Symphoricarpos )
Full story now. Give me serious feedback on how I did with this.

Title: From "Bittersweet"
Author: Noizchild
Rating: R (Violence, non-con, and torture. Gerenally trying to make this a mindf**k)
Pairing Tsuzuki + OC
Genre: Horror, Drama, Hentai, Angst, Supernatural
Chapter (if applicable): 40 chapters.
Nineth one in my series, "Ghost Doll." Tsuzuki has been acting strange lately. He seems to have gone AWOL and no one can reach him. But he resurfaces and assualts Anna, he traps her into a long torture game with round after round of suffering. But for what purpose? The answer is just a demented as the game itself. I apologize to my fellow Tsuzuki fans in advance.
Actual Fic: http://www.mediaminer.org/fanfic/view_st.php/169067

YnM returns to crack_van

Next month is Small Fandoms Month at crack_van and I offered to rec fics and fanvids for YnM; my offer was graciously accepted, and so, if you're looking for some good YnM fic recs, feel free to follow the comm.

Also, if any of you have any good YnM fics (ones that I haven't written since self-reccing is a no-no) and fanvids that you think I should check out, don't hesitate to toss me the links in a comment here. I want to get a nice number of fics up and so I'm open to suggestions.


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