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This is yamifics, where fans of the manga/anime Yami no Matsuei can share and comment on each other's creative works. This is an open community, so anyone can join, but be aware that there are a few rules:

- Fanfiction is to be posted only. MSTs, rants, and similar entries are not permitted and will be removed if posted. However, there is no limitation on the genre, pairing, or rating of the fanfics (see format for fic-posting below).

- No flaming or harrassment of the community members. C&C is certainly allowed, but if flaming occurs the flamer will be given a warning/strike. On a third strike, they will be banned from all further posting to the community. We want this to be a place where fans can share their work and bond while doing so; let's keep it friendly. :)

- Not exactly a rule, but it would be nice if you introduced yourself upon joining so we can know who's who in the comm. ♥

Format for Fic Posting
This is the general format suggested for fic posts in the community.
Please note that none of these are required with the exception of labeling for NC-17 or not-safe-for-work stories. Just fill out ones you feel are appropriate to your story, or none at all.

<b>Title</b>: _________
<b>Author</b>: _________
<b>Rating</b>: *See note below if the rating is R or NC-17.
<b>Pairing</b> (if applicable): _______
<b>Genre</b>: Humor, angst, action, romance, etc.
<b>Chapter</b> (if applicable): If your fic is a one-shot, please state so in this space.
<b>Comments</b>: _________ (Add a spoiler warning here, if applicable.)
<b>Actual Fic</b>: Here's where you'll post the actual content of the fic--either an outgoing link or directly in the entry. If it's directly in the entry, please use the lj-cut code, since people may not want to scroll through long entries to get to others. For those of you who don't know the code, it's <lj-cut text="Blah"> Your fic here </lj-cut>.

*Note on Ratings: R and NC-17 fics are allowed in this community, but we ask that you give the reason for it along with the actual rating; for example, if your fic has extreme violence and explicit sexual content, your rating space would look like this:
Rating: NC-17; extreme violence, explicit sexual content.
Not too difficult, no?

Finally, a word on the Tag system. The Tag system is meant to help readers find fanfics that they're looking for, and not something that YOU MUST DO TO YOUR STORY OR ELSE. If there is a Tag on your story you do not want, then remove it or do not tag as such. Otherwise, please see here on Tagging your story.

Other than that...just have fun! :)
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